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December 11, 2009

Family by Jim Jenkins

I’m not one who always takes or makes the time
to show or share with my family just how I feel.
Too often, like others, I get caught up in the things
that I think are important and real.

Life’s reality is, we’re around a very short time;
so, we should more often stop and rethink;
about what is really important in each of our lives;
as too often, it’s gone in a blink.

Because we don’t take the time to say the words,
doesn’t mean that the thought isn’t there.
And, though efforts would be appreciated if we showed one another;
when absent, shouldn’t mean we don’t care.

So, as I take the time to think about each one of you;
I feel very certain, I really do know it;
how much we have all meant to each other,
even though we always don’t show it

We all take comfort in knowing, we can depend on each other;
to be there, when one of us gets down.
Even though we get frustrated when we don’t visit enough;
if we are needed, we’d all be around.

For, we are all the offspring and product of family;
and parents who raised us this way;
they showed us how to care and look out for each other
as we’ve gone about living each day.

So, for all that we do and have done for one another,
let us pledge to continue and strive
to make some time in our lives for each other
for as long as we all are alive.

And when one or even some of us, are no longer here;
when life as we know it has moved on;
we’ll still have our memories, our thoughts of each other;
which means we’ll never be gone.