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December 13, 2009

The Coaches Wife by Jim Jenkins

When his day as a coach is just beginning;
when his thoughts have turned to his team winning;
you leave your every day job and head off to your other;
where you handle cooking, cleaning and you are the mother.
You usually have the laundry, the kids and the meals;
you have to be the taxi service for the kids with your wheels.
Each and every day, you take care of the kids and the house
You provide the stability needed, as the coach’s spouse.

Sitting in the stands, sometimes your husband gets cursed;
Pretending not to hear what is said, cruel people are the worst.
You handle it well when somebody gets too harsh and loud;
you look beyond what you hear, you choose to stay proud.
For you accept what coaches do in molding these young men,
as they teach them life’s lessons; as they strive for that win.
You help with what is needed, you do everything you can,
You offer your all, for you’re his number one fan.

After the games, you rush and go straight to your kitchen
And though you are tired, this is not a time for bitchin
Because there is a group that will show up, wanting to eat
And they won’t have anything to feed on if you don’t fix a treat.
You worry each time, is my house presentable and clean;
is there enough to eat, drink, everything in between?
For this becomes your playing field, and most folks cannot tell
The game prep you have done so all this turns out well.

And, when all of this is over, and it is the end of a hectic day;
you still have things to think about, other roles to play.
You may have to soothe his feelings if the game turned out bad;
and avoid making it worse by saying something to make him mad.
You worry about the children and the time you feel is not spent;
and the way they handled all of this as their day has come and went.
But, they are tough and so are you as you handle this type of life;
tomorrow will be another day in the life of a coach’s wife.

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